Project Managers are In-Demand in 2017

Job opportunities for project managers continue to grow at a rate of 1.5 million opportunities per year.

Whether you work in information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, energy, construction or business services – all of these industries are in need of project management talent.  Increasing complexity of business operations and global market places are demanding faster, better, cheaper solutions for clients that meet ever-increasing expectations of performance.  Project managers make this happen.

Project managers are change agents. They help transform organizations into leaner more profitable entities while delivering superior products and services to clients.  As organizations strive to remain market competitive, project managers drive the initiatives that positively impact their business plans and business goals.  Companies must react to dynamic client demands by having agility to introduce new technology, new products and more accessible services.  Regardless of industry, project managers are the enablers to implement these new initiatives.

In a recent survey conducted by Simplilearn, it was found that project management is one of the most desired skills in 2017. It was also identified as one of the top 10 hot skills in IT in a recent survey done by Computerworld.

But what are the essential skills project managers need to be successful?

Project managers need a balance of technical, leadership and business skills.  Understanding how to manage a project schedule, budget and scope are the technical skills required.  However, project managers lead teams.  They manage the expectations of clients and management and they interact with stakeholders of all levels internal and external to an organization. As such they need strong leadership skills, such as communication skills, problem solving, decision making, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, team building skills and high emotional intelligence.    Project managers also rely on business knowledge to understand how project deliverables and objectives deliver value and benefits to the organization, the client and the employees.  This mix of skills is quite unique and creates an environment of growth, challenges and achievement.

The edX RIT Project Management MicroMasters program will give you the broad based skills that you need to successfully manage projects in the global economy. It is based on industry proven solutions for project success.  The content of the MicroMasters program was built by project management professionals and executives that have operated in the project management field for over 40 years.

The Project Management MicroMasters program consists of a series of three courses and a capstone exam. It was designed to teach learners the project management technical skills required to initiate, plan, execute and close a project following industry standard practices. The program will also teach project management best practices for success, including organizational and leadership methods. Learners will also have the opportunity to learn how to navigate the complexities of managing global projects with virtual teams in International Project Management.

Our goal was to build a learning program that can be immediately applied by any professional on a project.  Unlike other certifications in the industry that have stringent pre-requisites before you can even apply, anyone can enroll for the Project Management MicroMasters program.

Join the journey, join the project management work force.  Enroll in the RIT Project Management MicroMasters program today!

The first course, Project Management Life Cycle, starts January 23.

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