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The Project Management Course for Achieving Your Goals

Wikipedia defines project management as “the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.” In short, project management is an advanced method of achieving goals. It is a system based on years of scientific research and development designed to help you initiate, plan, monitor and successfully complete a project.

In business, software development or major construction contexts, project managers take on complex tasks involving large budgets, multi-disciplinary teams and critical time constraints. The role requires a broad range of skills. Leadership and communication are key as well as a keen understanding of business and analytics. A successful project manager must have a clear vision of the finished project and be able to define the roadmap and build the team to get there. To say that project managers are critical to all types of companies is an understatement. Indeed.com lists over 60,000 open, full-time project manager positions with an annual salary of $95K+. Linkedin has over 30,000 job postings for project managers in the United States alone, with over 5000 paying over $100k per year. Amazon is one of the top companies hiring with over 500 open positions.

Plan Do Check ActWithout question, project management is critical for business success. But what about other goals? What if you could tap into some of these tools and apply them to your personal goals and projects? The processes and procedures of project management definitely apply and could greatly improve a home construction project, a health and fitness goal or a major life transition. Planning, budgeting and mapping out a timeline can make a transition to a new job or the move to a new city happen much smoother.

I imagine many of us are guilty of “winging it” when it comes to our own projects. I’m certainly guilty of making the type of home improvement decisions like to build a storage shed or turn the garage into a workshop while wandering through the aisles at Home Depot. I usually buy all the materials, store everything in the garage and then forget about it. Two years later I have a garage sale. There is definitely room for improvement.

In a new course from the University of Adelaide, experts in the field of project management demonstrate practical ways that you can approach your goals and apply project management skills for successful planning, organization and execution. Introduction to Project Management is a free, 6-week online course that teaches the essential principles of the field including communication and leadership skills. There are no prerequisites and anyone can enroll. Beyond learning the essential skills of project management, you will be able to interact online with professors and other students and get motivated to move forward with your own goals. The course is self-paced so you can get started today. Enroll now and get ready to make things happen.

Introduction to Project Management - Learn the principles of project management and apply them in your own work and life. Free, self-paced online course -Enroll Today, Enroll Now, edX, www.edx.org

Are you interested in a career in project management? The new Project Management MicroMasters program from RIT is an advanced series of 3 courses designed to teach you in-depth knowledge and skills in this high-demand field. Learn more about this exciting program and enroll today.