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3 Personal Finance Courses to Improve Your Life

Let Warren Buffett Inspire You to Take Control of Your Finances Today

We all want to succeed in life, whether it be academically, romantically, professionally or all of the above. And, our finances are integral to success in all areas of life.

However, according to the S&P Global FinLit Survey, only 33 percent of adults worldwide are financially literate. This leaves out about 3.5 billion adults globally, struggling to pay their bills and at times, one pay cheque away from uncertainty.

What is Financial Literacy?

In simple terms, financial literacy is having a common sense of understanding about how money works. Becoming financially literate will help you make informed financial decisions and choices and help in every phase of your life, from saving for grad school to buying or renting, starting a family, or retirement. It’s a skill that everyone should possess.

Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in the world actually believes that every parent should teach their kids about financial literacy at an early age. His financial decisions and philosophy are not only respected around the world, but have proved extremely successful. His financial words of wisdom inspired us to develop a list of financial management courses to help put you on the road to success.

Enroll now and start managing your money before it manages you.

1. Price and Value are not the Same Thing

Buffett once said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” 

 Finance For Everyone: Smart Tools For Decision-Making – MichiganX

From smart decision-making tools to an understanding of the financial world, this course will help you think smartly about approaching financial choices.

2. Investing is Easier Than You Think 

Buffett gives basic investment advise in his annual shareholder letter. He is also a strong believer in investing in yourself. Once, he was quoted saying, “Invest in as much of yourself as you can. You are your own biggest asset by far.”

Personal Finance, Part 1: Invest in Yourself – WellesleyX 

This course will help you think financially about investing in yourself and your future. It covers investment in education and careers and other important financial principles like internal rate of return and net present value and how they relate to personal finance.

3. Never Lose Money

Buffett follows his own advice saying, “Rule no. 1 is to never lose money. Rule no. 2 is to always remember rule no. 1.”

Personal Finance Planning – PurdueX

This course will teach you basic finance concepts such as the time value of money, how insurance works and the importance of saving for retirement, sooner rather than later.

Enhance your money management skills and enroll today to take a step closer toward achieving your financial goals. As Buffett one said, according to Forbes, “The more you learn about personal finance, the more security you’ll have as you minimize risks.”

The best way to invest in yourself is to keep learning !