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Paul Hundal: Earning 100 edX Certificates!

Paul Hundal, a 59-year-old lawyer from Vancouver, reached out to us recently to share his achievement of earning 100 edX certificates and how taking edX courses helped him not only develop professionally as a lawyer, but also fulfilled his desire for lifelong learning.

I have always been a lifelong learner and an information junkie. As the internet developed, it was a great source of information. When I first saw a news story about edX I thought immediately that this is what I have always been looking for. It fully satisfied my curious mind. I was not disappointed: edX met all my expectations and it has been a thrilling experience.

Being a lawyer, some of the courses were very helpful to what I do. The courses International Law and International Human Rights both by LouvainX were excellent courses to broaden my knowledge of international law. Intellectual Property Law and Policy, Part 1 & 2 by PennX were also excellent courses for bringing lawyers up to speed in this specialized area of practice. They certainly helped broaden my skills in those fields.

Additionally, my goal was to educate myself on the subjects of my interest. I like to collect good information and edX made it so easy because I knew the sources were good, so I could listen and learn with confidence that the best scholarship went into teaching this course.

After taking over 100 courses it is so hard to say which is my favorite. There were so many that I just loved. Having great professors teaching interesting courses was the norm on edX not the exception.

To name some of the Top 10: 

  1. Justice by Harvardx
  2. The Civil War series by ColumbiaX
  3. A Global History of Architecture by MITx
  4. American Capitalism, A History by CornellX
  5. Was Alexander Great? by WellesleyX
  6. Improving Global Health by HarvardX
  7. Terrorism and Counterterrorism by GeorgetownX
  8. Making Government Work in Hard Places by PrincetonX
  9. Human Origins by ASUx
  10. Energy 101 by UTAustinX

As a 59-year-old lawyer, I do not need these courses for my resume, but continuing professional development is very important to lawyers and it takes different forms. Knowledge and education is something I have always respected and treasured, so edX has been invaluable in helping me achieve my objective of lifelong learning.

Collecting knowledge is a time-consuming task and edX has developed one of the most efficient ways to teach. It really has worked for me and so many others by providing an invaluable opportunity to efficiently learn more about almost any topic. In some situations, it has career benefits and in many others, it helps develop a more well-rounded person.

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