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Everyone has an opinion on parenting. Move beyond the chatter and opinion surrounding parenting by looking directly at the science. In The Science of Parenting course by UC San Diego, you’re given the scientific findings and data that can help you make your own sensible, informed parenting decisions.   Do you have parenting questions you want to ask an expert? Do you want to learn more about The...

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Enhance your HTML 5 skills, discover new features and tools in Excel – one of the most popular data software programs, analyze, discuss famous literary characters Scrooge and Tiny Tim, or learn more about the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. EdX’s mission is not only to provide high-quality education, but also to offer a wide range of subjects and skills you are looking for! Find the right course for you...

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We are in the age of visual computing. Much of what we do on computers – from mobile phones to desktops – involves manipulating and displaying visual information. In fact, human perception is most often determined by visual information. Computer graphics enable us to create three-dimensional virtual worlds and environments that are as realistic as the natural world. Computer Graphics, UC San Diego’s inaugural MOOC,...

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Whether you want to bring your imagination to life, explore the far reaches of our solar system, or investigate ancient civilization, edX has the course for you. Take a look at these new offerings starting soon and enroll in one that sparks your curiosity today! Mukta Ghorpadey

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