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Take advantage of summer’s extra long days by exploring a new interests and discovering how to further enrich your life with Summer Learning @ edX! From wine, to philosophy, book clubs, stress management, and more, edX can help you have the most inspiring summer of your life. Check out these lifestyle courses starting this summer, and enroll today!

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Add experience with a new technology or a specific tech-related skill to your resume, college application, or LinkedIn profile. Demand for tech experts in every field continues to increase, and edX is here to help you gain the necessary expertise. Check out Inc.’s Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015, and then browse the courses below and start learning. Whether you want to learn a new skill, or brush up on an...

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This week on edX
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This week on edX, learn the basics of computer science, explore how international law is created and enforced, see warfare through the eyes of literary greatness, or dive into your linear differential equations course. Check out the courses starting this week!

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What happens when your dentist takes an X-Ray of your teeth? Why does white wine taste and smell completely different than red wine? How can teachers encourage good behavior, and prevent disruptive behavior? Find answers to these questions and more on edX this week.

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Do love figuring out how things work? Have you taken apart and put back together your DVD player? Have you always wanted to build your own robot? Whether you’re a home tinkerer or someone looking to start a career in engineering, check out these great courses starting soon on edX.  

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