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EdX welcomes first European hire.  Caroline Mol, a Senior Partner Manager, will based out of Spain. Read on to learn more about her background, thoughts on European education, and her role at edX.  Q: What is your role in Spain and Europe? What will you be focusing on? A: Currently, I am the proud partner manager for UAM, UC3M and UP Valencia in Spain, EPFL...

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Today we are honored to announce our 36th Charter Member and our first edX member from France, Sorbonne Universités. Sorbonne Universités will be joining edX as SorbonneX and will begin offering classes in spring 2015. Comprising a world class educational experience, Sorbonne Universités include: Paris-Sorbonne, focused on art, humanities and social science; Pierre et Marie Curie, focused on science and engineering; University of Technology of...

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