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Gifts that keep on giving: Free edX courses With the holidays well underway, we are glad to offer a MOOC perspective on the popular carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. While this blog post may be tongue in cheek, the courses featured are rigorous, quality education from the world’s top institutions. So, register now and enjoy an in-depth look at drumming, dancing and other carol-related activities. Twelve...

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Happy Star Wars Day, and May the 4th Be With You! Check out 10 courses on edX that uncover the mysteries of the universe – from Exoplanets to Black Holes and more! 1. Introduction à l’astrophysique: Introduction to Astrophysics – EPFLx – Started February 23, 2015 2. Cosmology – ANUx – Self Paced, Starts Anytime 3. Super-Earths and Life – HarvardX – Started February 10, 2015 4. Introduction to...

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This week on edX.
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This week on edX, learn the basics of credit risk, explore how objects tell compelling stories, understand the ethical dilemmas we face at every meal, or dive into your first statistics course. Check out the courses starting this week!

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This week on edX, take your first programming course, learn how to make the most out of the data in your evereyday life, or explore what it means to reclaim a broken place. Check out the courses starting this week!  

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What are employers looking for today when hiring? How does your smartphone contain billions of nanotransistors? What makes a city a “smart city” and why does it matter? What does Hip Hop have to do with Religion? Get answers to these questions and more by signing up for a course starting soon on edX!

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 Ready to learn a new programming language or build on your previous programming knowledge? Curious about how your smartphone works, or how to create an Android app? Check out the courses below, and enroll today to become truly tech-savvy in 2015!

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