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Head home for the holidays with edX Holiday gatherings can be relaxing, stressful, or dull – depending on the crowd, of course. If conversation hits a lull with your coworkers or closest of kin, these facts might spark up a little lively debate. #1: Traveling for the holidays? If you’re flying in the United States, you’re one in 5.7 million. What engineering is required to...

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Gifts that keep on giving: Free edX courses With the holidays well underway, we are glad to offer a MOOC perspective on the popular carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. While this blog post may be tongue in cheek, the courses featured are rigorous, quality education from the world’s top institutions. So, register now and enjoy an in-depth look at drumming, dancing and other carol-related activities. Twelve...

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My MOOC journey started during my undergraduate time at MIT in Dr. Sebastian Seung’s 9.01 Introduction to Neuroscience course. Little did I know then that his innovative, never-settlecharacter would inspire and drive my future work, from developing educational resources for an online game to map the brain, to the MITx course 9.01.1x Light, Spike, and Sight: The Neuroscience of Vision that he and I teamed...

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