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Photo of Ronillo Banan
Posted in: Learner Stories

Tuigeugarao City | Philippines | 44 I live in the Philippines and I am currently working on earning my Masters in Structural Engineering. I grew up in poverty, and wanted to understand more about why people get trapped in it. I heard about the edX course, The Challenges of Global Poverty from a friend and signed up. The course taught me how microfinance institutions work,...

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Photo of Oladele Olawole
Posted in: Learner Stories

Norway | 51 I am an electrical engineer living in Norway, where I also founded and lead an Anit-Corrpution Organization. Right now I am researching the relationship between the food we eat and diabetes. I recently took Challenges of Global Poverty on edX to help me with my research, and to keep up-to-date on knowledge. I am a seeker of knowledge and that is one...

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Photo of Kyung Mok Bae
Posted in: Learner Stories

Rockville, MD | USA | 17I am a high school junior living in Rockville Maryland. My family immigrated to the United States from Korea in 2009. Right now I’m taking two edX courses from MITx: Circuits & Electronics, and Electricity & Magnetism. The classes have not been easy, and they have very high expectations, but I think that is exactly what has made them such...

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Photo of Sarah Riggott
Posted in: Learner Stories

Guatemala EdX has changed learning completely by opening up these courses for people to study online. I am still so surprised I was able to take a course exactly in my field, free and from wherever I am in the world. I’m originally from the United Kingdom. But now I’m living in Guatemala, where I run a foundation called Fly the Phoenix that supports 12...

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Photo of Sai Kiran
Posted in: Learner Stories

Hyderabad | India | 19 The two courses I am taking on edX help me approach the beautiful world of science in a whole new way. I am from Hyderabad, India currently studying electrical engineering. I have been interested in electronic devices and gadgets ever since childhood. Even today, I still do not regret getting scolded by my parents for being naughty with these devices...

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Posted in: Learner Stories

Weston, Massachusetts“My edX course helped me get graduate credit in the school district where I teach.”Mary Liu teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology in a Boston suburb. She took PH207x (Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical and Public Health Research, from HarvardX, taught by Professors Earl Francis Cook and Marcello Pagano, fall 2012) and received a certificate of mastery after passing the course. But that...

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Photos of Francesca Graziano
Posted in: Learner Stories

Milan, Italy Francesca Graziano lives in Milan, Italy and is a master’s student in Biostatistics in the University of Milan-Bicocca. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. She took PH207x (Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical and Public Health Research, from HarvardX, taught by Professors Earl Francis Cook and Marcello Pagano, fall 2012). “My course in edX was very interesting. I have studied these...

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