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Age 27

Saint Louis, MO, USA

I graduated from college in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. For four years after school, I spent my time making art and paying the bills by working service jobs. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to learn computer programming, but I couldn’t figure out where to begin. Then, along came LaunchCode, and edX’s awesome free course CS50x from Harvard. I seized the opportunity.

Taking CS50x was really fun, but also really difficult. Thankfully, LaunchCode provided a ton of support. They organized a class structure with regular meetings, due dates, and in-person peer collaboration – an environment I thrive in.

I completed CS50x and earned my Verified Certificate. Shortly thereafter, LaunchCode connected me with Fusion Marketing here in Saint Louis, where I was invited to apprentice for three months. Fusion Marketing offered me the position because of the skills I learned through CS50x, as well as my genuine enthusiasm for programming. I’m proud to say that after my apprenticeship wrapped up I was invited to stay on as a full-fledged Junior Developer.

My long term goals include returning to a traditional University for graduate school to study the intersection of fine art, philosophy, and computer science. Learning computer programming has opened a world of possibility for me. Every day that I continue to develop this skill set I am provided with more financial, intellectual, and artistic opportunities. I can’t thank edX, Harvard, and LaunchCode enough for their help.