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Today, we are thrilled to announce the edX Dashboard Challenge, a data-driven competition to design a Student Analytics Dashboard. The competition is hosted by Databits – an online community of coders, engineers, and data scientists who develop creative solutions through data visualization.As always, our mission is to provide learners from around the world with the access and tools they need to enhance their own education.For...

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2014 marks the second year that the nonprofit group Code.org has sponsored the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week. The Hour Of Code encourages everyone — kids, teachers, and adults — to take an hour out of their week and learn a little bit about coding. These days, many careers use elements of coding; everything from physics simulation and 3D printed art to electronic...

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This post originally ran on the edX Engineering blog on Nov. 6, 2014. Earlier this year, the course discussion engineering team at edX decided to revisit our decision to build a custom discussion platform. In the course of investigating alternatives, we determined that support for the unique usage patterns of our users (both course staff and students) and deep integration with our courseware are key...

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As we wrap up day one of the Open edX Conference, we want to say thank you to everyone joining us this week. We’re excited to be hosting so many members of our Open edX community from around the world to discuss developments on our open source platform. Whether you’re on-campus or off, we’re hoping you’ll take part in the conversation. Some of the presentations...

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          At edX, we strive to create a better future through access to quality education. We have partnered with universities, nations, and non-profits to expand access to quality education throughout the world. Today we mark another first. We are proud of an innovative new collaboration with Tenaris, the world’s leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel for the world’s energy industry. Through their adoption of...

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Louis is an edX student and Open edX contributor. MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (6.00x) was my first online course. I heard about it on Reddit’s “learn programming” section. The course seemed to have an excellent reputation, so I figured it was worth checking out. The fact that it was from MIT didn’t hurt either! I had been studying Biology at...

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This post originally ran on the edX engineering blog on September 17, 2014. This November, edX will welcome developers and open source community members to our first annual Open edX Conference. For two days, developers will gather at Harvard University’s campus to exchange ideas on edX’s open-source platform. What prompted the first annual Open edX Conference? We’re excited to meet the people we’ve worked with...

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When we open sourced the edX code in 2013, our goal was to enable developers around the world to experiment with and extend the Open edX platform. EdX is a nonprofit with three main goals: to expand access to quality education to anyone, anywhere in the world; to enhance teaching and learning on campus and online; and to encourage research into how people learn. Open...

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Open source software is hugely important to us here at edX, since it’s what we do all day, every day. Two weeks ago, the O’Reilly company hosted their annual OSCON convention in Portland, Oregon — a convention focused on open source software. Of course, we had to be there. So, my edX colleague James Tauber and I packed our bags and headed to Oregon for...

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