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Norway | 51

I am an electrical engineer living in Norway, where I also founded and lead an Anit-Corrpution Organization. Right now I am researching the relationship between the food we eat and diabetes. I recently took Challenges of Global Poverty on edX to help me with my research, and to keep up-to-date on knowledge. I am a seeker of knowledge and that is one of the main attractions of edX. I have gained a lot of experience from the class, and access to other learning materials has also been helpful. Without any doubt, the knowledge I gained so far has enhanced my general overview on some issues.

This course has been an eye opener for me into how people in poverty think. We cannot fight corruption in our society without addressing the level of poverty.

How many students in poor countries can afford attending any of the top universities around the world? EdX is making a unique contribution to the world of learning.

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