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We are proud to announce that the University of Notre Dame has joined edX as our 35th Charter Member.

A prestigious and renowned university, founded as a Catholic academic community of higher learning, Notre Dame is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake. Notre Dame prides itself on being an environment of teaching and learning that fosters the development in its students of those disciplined habits of mind, body, and spirit that characterize educated, skilled, and free human beings.

Notre Dame Campus

As a Catholic university, Notre Dame is committed to constructive and critical engagement with the whole of human culture. And, with its partnership with edX, Notre Dame will advance its mission of open learning and improve access to education on a global scale.

As NotreDameX, Notre Dame will expand its commitment to provide an unparalleled education experience for students worldwide through innovative technologies. The first four NotreDameX courses will be offered on edX.org beginning in spring 2015.

We will be sharing more information about our latest Charter Member, Notre Dame and NotreDameX in the coming weeks.

Please join us in welcoming Notre Dame.

By Johannes Heinlein, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

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