Nooree: Opening Doors to a Global Career in Supply Chain Management

We are excited to continue to share learner stories from the MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program that demonstrate how MicroMasters programs are helping people improve their lives and advance their careers.

Today, Nooree, a supply chain planner at a fresh produce supplier in the UK, shares how the Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program helped her get a job in supply chain when she moved to a new country.

My experience in supply chain started in garment manufacturing factories in India. I later moved downstream to liaison offices between retailers, wholesalers and suppliers. I had a progressive and enjoyable career in a multinational company, which is the fifth largest trading group in the world. Throughout the years that I worked in supply chain in India, I did not have a professional supply chain degree or certificate.

Just when I was about to step up to the next level in my career ladder, I moved to a new country, the United Kingdom, with my family. This was a big step and so everything changed.

All my years of experience with supply chain in India suddenly had no value, and the employers in the UK only counted experience from their own country.

I had no choice, I had to start from scratch. However, the frustration of losing my 6-7 years of experience and working with fresh graduates propelled me to seek a professional certificate. Therefore, I kept my focus on both working toward immediate goals and envisioning my future.

I knew I had great experience working with factories and understanding the production process. I also had experience on the other side of the supply chain, working with retailers, understanding new perspectives, and new ways of working.

These experiences of working with different companies and countries were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but the most important piece was missing. In my mind, what I needed to complete my puzzle was a solid education and a professional degree that would be valid worldwide.

I have always been passionate about all the areas of supply chain I have worked in and I could not think of anything better than pursuing a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management. I am very fortunate that I came across the online MicroMasters program in Supply Chain Management offered by MITx, as it offers a pathway to a Master’s degree.

This is the centerpiece of my jigsaw puzzle, which is helping me to complete the picture and the vision of my future.

The passion and enthusiasm of the MITx professors is infectious. I am thoroughly enjoying these supply chain series courses and I cannot wait to complete my Master’s in Supply Chain Management on campus.

Through this Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program, I have learned how to see the broader picture of the supply chain process instead of working only in silos. I have also learned about so many new techniques and tools for an efficient supply chain. The knowledge I gained in the past year is far beyond all my years of experience — and there is still so much to learn!

I am now able to discuss various aspects of supply chain with the heads of different departments and collaborate with them to make better decisions.

With the knowledge and skills I am learning through this amazing platform, I am confident that I am moving in the right direction. The best part is that I can study and do my assignments on my own time in the midst of very hectic schedule.

Enrolling in the Supply Chain ManagementMicroMasters program is a door opener for me. I recently got a job as a Supply Chain Planner with one of the leading suppliers in the fresh produce industry in the UK. This would not have been possible without the MicroMasters program offered by MITx and edX.

And this is just the beginning. I look forward to completing my Master’s degree on campus, and to developing myself into a global citizen through this world-class education so that I can benefit the supply chain in any part of the world.

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