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  1. ssaisrikant Says: October 18, 2016 at 8:29 am


    I have completed Product Design course offered by EdX on time and paid $50 for a seat in this course. My course is evaluated by EdX staff as well.

    But there is no certification provided by EdX. When can we expect a certificated from EdX? Will it be a soft copy or hard copy? Can anyone please clarify on this?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sai Srikant

  2. And how about courses that didn’t offer Verified Certificates? Now we don’t even get an option to buy one or not. Again, very unfair.

  3. This is very DISAPPOINTING news. I’ve been enrolled into many classes & spreading the word of edX since 2014. I was doing really good too, but I have never been able to finish any of them because of events that always take place in my life. I’m now finally able to focus & finish many of the courses I’ve been wanting to take.
    I’m taking a bunch of classes in all kinds of fields. They’re all to benefit me in my future entrepreneurial career goals & with starting great nonprofits. Some I will get verified certificates for, but most I won’t. I can’t actually. I’m in a huge financial struggle & needing help from social services & my parents at the moment. Let alone to drop $49 every couple weeks on all the courses. On top of financials, my parents, stepmother, brother, aunt & grandfather are ill. I have a lot of mental health issues. Dealing with all of this has taken a huge toll in my life. And taking these courses were shining a huge light on my life. I had something yo look forward to. I honestly feel very DISENCOURAGED to take them now. A Simple Certificate Of Completion should at least be given out. And you can charge us for a shippong postage of it. I wouldn’t feel as excited to take the course & accomplished afterwards without one. Just a dumb progress print out is in a sense, pointless. I’m honestly very bummed about this. I’m more than positive that there are many other students in the same, or similar boat that I’m in. This should really be changed. It’s not fair that we can all take & pass the same class, but only SOME will get acknowledged & certified… =( >:-[

    #Disappointment #Sad #Unfair


    Or SOME KIND of Certificate of Completion.

  4. Himalaya_tony Says: August 31, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    This step is making many students very sad and like me, their interest from edx might got lowered too due to this. As many people have already said, free honor code certificate also meant too much for many students like me. It always gives you a little bit motivational push when you are getting certificate at the end. Please, Please, Please. I request you to start giving honor code certificate again. It will be a great help.

    (even after so many requests from students you haven’t started that system back. Please try to suggest me if I can mail about this issue to someone for proper solution.)

    Thank you.

  5. Dear Edx,

    I am deeply saddened by your decision to remove Honor Code Certificates. I do not see how they possibly harm education in any way. I have completed 4 courses so far: for 2 of them, I paid to receive a verified certificate; the other 2 I took for free. I know that the prices to verify certificates aren’t expensive and one receives quality content from them, but it can still be a very big burden for full-time students or other people who cannot afford the courses. I payed for the 2 courses I mentioned because those were related to my area of work/study and I thought having a certificate would be an addition to my CV. The other 2 courses are part of Berkeley’s “Book Club” and I was taking them for fun but also as a way to continuously challenge myself to practice English (not my mother tongue) and to read important literary works. The honor code certificates were very important for me as they kept me motivated and made me feel rewarded when I finished the courses. I was very disappointed when I realized I would get no certificate after completing the last book (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn).
    Your mission, as I understand it, is “lifelong learning”. In my opinion, lifelong learning doesn’t mean studying just because it will be useful later on to get a job or to improve one’s CV. Lifelong learning means loving to learn, explore and discover about the myriad different topics and subjects out there because one finds pleasure and excitement in the learning itself, not because it is instrumental to one’s ambitions.
    Having said all this, and reminding you that Honor Code Certificates are a personal token so that one can recognize his own effort and encourage him to continue, I humbly request you to please restore Honor Code Certificates.


    • THANK YOU!!! This was perfect! You nailed it. I’m taking a bunch of classes in all kinds of fields. They’re all to benefit me in my future career goals. Some I will get verified certificates for, but the others I won’t. I honestly feel very disencouraged to take them now. A very plain & simple certificate should at least be given out. I wouldn’t feel as excited to take the course & accomplished afterwards without one, but a dumb progress print out. It’s in a sense, pointless. I’m struggling financially, dealing with a lot ordeal in life, including multiple ill family. This was one thing that was shining some light on my days…

      Thank you for your words. I’m going to post a comment as well & I hope we all (on the same boat of feelings) can change their minds.

  6. paulhundal Says: May 17, 2016 at 1:57 am

    Well today I have just achieved my 100th Certificate from edX. I have greatly enjoyed the courses and am thrilled that this opportunity continues to be available for lifelong learning from some of the best professors in the world. Thank you edX. I am disappointed that Honor Code Certificates are no longer available for the new courses coming out. However I am very grateful that the courses continue to be offered for free. Does anyone how many people have achieved the level of 100 edX Certificates.

  7. […] MOOCs are everywhere around us, especially these days as Coursera decided to stop the free certificates as Udacity did it before in May 2014. edX did the same last December 2015. […]

  8. I agree that the most important is to keep the high-quality educational content but, edX team, do you have any idea how important is a simple honor code certificate to many of us? I completed couple of courses successfully and I can say that it made a lot of difference in my career. However, it was just possible because I could take excellent courses without any financial barrier to prove that I made it. Since 2013, I am a very enthusiastic student of your courses and I always motivated my family and friends to do so. However, your decision to take off the honor code certificates really disappointed me. The math is very simple, if two people complete successfully the same course but only one of them can afford a verified certificate, to you think that both will have the same chances, for instance, when competing in the market? Anyway, it was a great experience participating in your courses and I really wish you succeeding in your mission. I just feel sad because I will have to find other options that suits my conditions.

  9. irisromina Says: April 22, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    This makes me SO SAD… In the last year, I have taken 5 courses in EdX, for 3 of them I paid for the verified certificate, in the other 2 I have the Honor Code Certificate…

    It makes me really sad that the Honor Code Certificates are not available anymore, because I want to learn a lot of things, but my situation doesn’t allow me to pay for all the courses… I know that I still can take them for free, without the Honor Code Certificate, but this Certificate means a LOT to me, it motivates me to learn and pass the course with a good grade and understanding…

    This Certificate doesn’t have a meaning in the real world, because it’s not verified, it’s not prove that it’s YOUR certificate, so it doesn’t make a difference in jobs or others, it’s only for personal achievement and growth, so I don’t understand WHY you are not offering this anymore? :C :C :C

    This is VERY sad :C

  10. […] time I won’t have a choice as a recent EdX news article from Dec 2015 say’s they are phasing out ‘honour code certificates’ – i.e. the free […]

  11. AthinaTs Says: April 7, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    This is very disappointing… I used to attend mostly MOOCs on Coursera but when they stopped offering access to assessments and free certificates, I started taking courses only on edX. edX offers high quality courses but it’s not affordable for many people like me to pay for a verified certificate.

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