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Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? — MITx — January 9th  
2014 was another year of blockbuster innovations in technology and business. In 2015, it’s your turn to get in the game. What is the first thing you need to know to start your own business?: Your customer. Learn from the best at MIT, and as a bonus for completing a Verified Certificate, you’ll get $1000 from Amazon Web Services.

Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer? — MITx — January 9th 
If you already completed your Verified Certificate in Entrepreneurship 101, or are taking the two courses together, this course will take you to the next level. Learn to better solve your customers’ problems, maximize your product value, and analyze your competition. Earn a Verified Certificate and get $1000 from Amazon Web Services.

An Overview of Business and the Role of Finance in Business — OECx — January 12th
Whether you’re a business owner, employee, or budding entrepreneur, you need to know how your business is connected to individuals, groups, and institutions. This course will help you get the basics of business financials and sets the foundation for legal, social, and ethical critical thinking in a business setting.

Enroll today.

Innovation and Commercialization — MITx — January 13th
You may know that innovation is an ongoing process, but what exactly does that process entail? How do companies continuously improve, implement, adapt, and repeat? Debunk the idea that innovation is linear, and learn how products you use today are created, and recreated, in an ongoing process of innovation.

Economics of Cybersecurity — DelftX — January 20th
In 2015 it will be crucial for business owners and company employees — not just IT specialists and Information Officers — to be knowledgable about keeping your partners’ and customers’ data secure. Learn from experts at the world’s top universities how to protect your company’s data.

Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful — CatalystX — February 18th
Learn to be a better leader from the experts at Catalyst, the leading nonprofit organization with a mission to expand opportunities for women and business. Discuss research and case studies, and immediately begin putting into practice tools that will make you more empowered, more accountable, and better able to relate to your team.

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