New Partnership with Kiron Enables Thousands of Refugees to Receive College Credit Online

At edX, our mission is to increase access to high-quality education, so more people around the world, regardless of economics, social status, gender or geography, can have opportunity for success and improve their lives.

Our mission drives all that we do, and we are proud to announce a new partnership with Kiron, a Berlin-based open education start-up with a mission to enable access to free higher education for refugees. Our joint efforts will help improve the lives of thousands of newly arrived Syrian and other refugees in Europe, and around the world, by offering a pathway to earning free college credit and degrees.

Our collaboration, which will begin in April 2016, will provide much needed online learning opportunities for thousands of current and new refugees.

How it works

Kiron serves students who seek better lives after escaping Syria and other war-torn countries. Kiron will integrate 300 edX courses into its learning platform. EdX will issue free verified certificates for Kiron students who have successfully completed these courses, and those certificates will translate to college credit with Kiron’s university campus partners. The full slate of offerings will include introductory as well as university-level specialty courses.

After completing an initial slate of online courses (approximately 2-3 years) participating refugees will be given a chance to complete their studies on Kiron partner college campuses. Participating universities include edX partner RWTH Aachen University and other European universities. Many more edX university partners, including leading U.S. institutions, are expected to join the effort in the coming months.

As our collaboration grows and serves more refugees around the world, edX will work with our partner institutions, including founding institutions Harvard and MIT, to expand offerings that are of particular relevance to the thousands of refugees who seek a path to a quality higher education.

Why It Matters

It has always been edX’s mission to bring the world’s best courses to anyone with a desire to learn – especially those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Together, with Kiron, we’re able to directly offer life-changing learning opportunities for those most in need.

EdX partner universities, the best in the world, are committed to developing a pathway for these new learners as they rebuild their lives in their new, welcoming home countries. With access to quality education and free college credit, an incredible number of displaced people will be able to benefit from new opportunities that will help change the trajectory of their lives for the better.