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New Feature! Making It Easier To Pursue Credit Opportunities On edX With Learner Records

As part of our efforts to support your hard work in MicroMasters® programs and Professional Certificate programs, we have been working on a transferrable learner record to help you more easily pursue opportunities for credit. This new feature makes it easier for you to share your accomplishments – whether you’re looking to pursue a credit path on-campus or showcase your knowledge to your current or future employer.

How does it work?

If you have earned at least one Verified Certificate in a course that is part of a program, you will have access to your program record.

You can access this record from your learner profile, or directly from a program progress page. Below is an example Learner Records page. If you have a Verified Certificate in a program you can view your Learner Records here: https://credentials.edx.org/records/

Who can I share my learner record with?

You can share a link to your program record with any other person, university, or employer. To do so, click the “Share” button to share a public link to a specific program record. Once you share this link with others you cannot unsend it.

You can also use the “Send Learner Record” button to send your learner record directly to edX partners that offer a credit pathway for that particular program.

What happens if I choose to send my learner record to an edX Credit Partner?

For programs with configured credit pathways, such as MicroMasters programs, you can ask edX to send your learner record directly to the credit pathway partner on your behalf. We provide this service as a way to help you streamline the credit application process for Masters degree programs associated with MicroMasters programs.  When you choose to send your program record, you will select the credit pathway destination and that edX partner will receive an email that includes a link to your individual program record.

We are excited to be able to offer this new feature to help you  to pursue credit opportunities or share your program progress and results with others. Happy learning!