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Education remains at the forefront as the election season heats up in U.S. Hillary Clinton’s education plan, revealed this week, stresses, “Higher education should be a right, not a privilege.”

This belief in the right to high-quality education informs all we do here at edX and is central to our founding mission to increase access to education for everyone, everywhere.

As candidates, policy makers, educators and others continue to discuss the future of education and its impact on knowledge and the economy, nontraditional education pathways and opportunities, like those offered on edX, continue to gain attention.

“Graduates of community college, career training, certificate programs and coding boot camps also earn more” on average in their career than high school graduates, according to a Clinton campaign fact sheet.

Global Freshman Academy. Start your freshman year online. hashtag CollegeMyWayWith XSeries Programs, verified certificates and the Global Freshman Academy, which offers full university freshman level courses online for credit, edX in collaboration with our partner institutions has been offering such innovative and nontraditional educational opportunities since its founding in 2012.

We’ve heard from edX learners who have used their certificates to enhance or reboot their education or launch new careers.

Aakash, a high school student frin California, taught himself how to code using edX courses and has built multiple iOS apps.

“With the skills I’ve been able to develop on my own, I’ve got paid internships.”

A learner from Georgia, who enrolled in a Global Freshman Academy course, said the program “has encourage me to go back to school and finish what I started a very long time ago.”

How online learning and certificates evolve into recognizable forms of credentials and relate to financial aid will be critical to the larger conversation about the future of education. And, we are excited to be at the forefront of this conversation.

In the meantime, as nontraditional and innovative forms of education continue to gain dominance, we encourage our learners to explore, enroll and add important experience and certificates to their academic and professional resumes.

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