New Course From HBS Professors Explores How to Build Scalable Businesses in Africa

edX and professors from Harvard Business School (HBS) have just launched an exciting new Executive Education course for those looking to start or expand their businesses in Africa. Taught by HBS professors Tarun Khanna, Caroline Elkins, and Karim Lakhani, participants will learn how Africa-specific trends impact the opportunities and challenges in undertaking entrepreneurship ventures on the continent.

AfricaLive! Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies examines the nuances that render Africa unique in today’s emerging market landscape and the similarities that can be drawn from the world’s other fast-moving emerging economies. Unlike other business courses, this one focuses on identifying points of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts through live online lectures, peer-to-peer learning, and real-life lessons incorporated into participants’ own business plan.

Watch the video to learn more.

The course provides a series of time-tested lecture content and active reading assignments. Each week participants engage with course content and readings and the week ends with a live webinar section that includes HBS faculty and leaders from the African business community.

Each participant also has the option to participate in the course’s week-by-week business plan development process. Business plan development will culminate with such participants having an opportunity to submit a business plan. “The best plans will be judged by a highly qualified African business jury recruited from among experts who have lectured as part of our course on Africa. In so doing, the course will expose students to an unparalleled network of business academics at Harvard Business School, as well as Africa’s top business leaders,” said Harvard Business School Professor Caroline Elkins.

The content draws upon previous HarvardX courses that have run on edX, having reached over half a million learners in 200 countries, and HBS’s four-day intensive MBA course Africa Rising: Understanding Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Complexities of a Continent.

“We are excited to have developed a course specifically for African entrepreneurs. In addition, using the course as a platform to develop the participants’ own business plans makes the course ‘real.’ It is unlike any other course offered for aspiring African entrepreneurs,” said course head, HBS professor Tarun Khanna.

The online course starts on August 17, 2020. For more information, visit AfricaLive!