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Muhammad: Learning New Skills Anytime, Anywhere to Explore New Subjects and Expand his Horizons

Muhammad, 40, a learner from Islamabad, Pakistan, explains how edX is helping him learn new skills to advance his career and make the world a better place.

The first course I ever completed on edX was IELTS Academic Test Preparation from UQx. I was interested in improving my English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and the course really helped me to accomplish that goal. After completing the IELTS course, I found courses in many other subjects that I was interested in, and I have been taking courses on edX ever since.

The main reason why I take courses on edX is to enhance my knowledge and develop new skills that will be useful for me in my daily life and career. I’ve completed a number of different courses to achieve that goal, including Leadership for Engineers, Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills, Introduction to Project Management and more. By taking these courses on edX, I have greatly improved my practical skills in language, time management and negotiation, all of which have helped me to further my career as Director and CEO of Gul Orakzai Constructors.

In addition to helping me learn practical skills that benefit me professionally, edX has contributed to my personal development by allowing me to expand my knowledge and broaden my perspectives on the world. Taking courses on edX is a great way for me to learn about new subjects and develop skills that will help me to make meaningful contributions to the world and ultimately make the world a better place. From Managing People from a Global Perspective to Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees, I am truly grateful to edX and edX’s partners for offering such useful and inspiring courses.

Ultimately, I am grateful for edX because it has provided me with so much freedom in my education: the freedom to learn wherever I want and whenever I want, without worrying about finances. I never imagined that I could would be able to learn anything I want from my own room, but with edX I can!

My experiences on edX have a positive impact on my life every single day. I find opportunities to apply the skills I’ve learned on edX among circles of friends, colleagues and students, and I can see how much knowledge I’ve gained since I started taking edX courses. For any new edX learners looking to learn new skills, my advice is don’t give up and be persistent. If you actively participate in the courses and put your whole heart, mind and soul into it, you will really see the results!