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Whether you consume news by reading newspapers, websites or social media, there is always more to learn and more in-depth context and background to uncover. Additionally, how people get their news continues to evolve. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that more than half of Facebook and Twitter users get their news from these social media sites.

Why not use MOOCs to help increase your knowledge and improve your ability to engage with today’s topics?

As the Syrian migration crisis continues to unfold and migration remains a hot-topic in the U.S. presidential election, strive to understand more than just the headlines. Offered in Spanish, Migración, un fenómeno global from MexicoX offers insight into the origins, evolution and current conditions of migration and the diverse factors, such as human rights, labor, policy and geography, that impact it.

And, with the Federal Reserve policy meeting last week and ongoing discussions about rising interest rates, the Federal Reserve remains in the forefront as well. Looking to gain a deeper understanding of the organization and how it impacts the economy and everyday lives? Check out Understanding the Federal Reserve from New York Institution of Finance. The course will help you better understand and analyze the day’s financial news by providing helpful insight and context to the U.S. financial system.

Check out more edX courses and enroll to better understand today’s news. Happy learning!

Migración un fenómeno global

Understanding the Federal Reserve

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