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The MIT RELATE (Research in Learning, Assessing and Tutoring Effectively) group has released a study comparing learning gains in the MITx Mechanics Review physics course with students in residential classrooms. According to the study, MOOC students learned a bit more than students in a traditional university course, but less than students taught with an interactive engagement pedagogy (as would typically be exemplified by a blended...

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A few months ago I blogged about my summer 2013 research on optimal video length for student engagement. RecentlyJuho Kim, a Ph.D. student at MIT, Rob Rubin, the VP of Engineering at edX, and I extended that work and published How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos at the ACM Conference on Learning at Scale (L@S). Here’s a brief summary of the paper and...

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Research findings challenge common misconceptions, offer surprising insights about how students engage with MOOCs. MIT and Harvard University today announced the release of a series of working papers based on 17 online courses offered on the edX platform. Run in 2012 and 2013, the courses analyzed drew upon diverse topics — from ancient Greek poetry to electromagnetism — and an array of disciplines, from public...

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In his last post Brian reviewed the background for his course, his educational objectives and some initial ways he adapted the 7.00x MOOC to support the Bio 111 SPOC. Here he continues with his changes, as well as expands on what he’s learned so far. In class activities Flipping the class has involved a dramatic revision of my in-class activities. Instead of lecturing, the sessions...

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I set out to use the edX 7.00x MOOC The Secret of Life to provide content to support flipping my General Biology I (Bio 111) course at UMass Boston. In this flipped class, students watch lectures and work problems online to prepare for class sessions that consist of problem solving and application. To support this format, I have restructured the content of the 7.00x MOOC...

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This month, we were delighted to release preliminary findings from our yearlong investigation of the first edX class, 6.002x. The findings appeared in the online journal “Research & Practice in Assessment” (RPA) in its special summer 2013 issue on MOOCs. You can download our paper here.  From the birth of edX, it has been clear that the institutional mission included research into learning and using...

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I’ve been working with edX and Berkeley on CS169x for some time now, incorporating components of it into my Software Engineering class at Hawaii Pacific University (HPU). I’ve collaborating closely with the course instructors Dave Patterson and Armando Fox in their Beta Instructor program, using Small Private Online Class (SPOC) instances of their MOOC in the class I teach at HPU. Using the SPOC instance...

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Hi, I’m Philip Guo, an assistant professor of Computer Science at the University of Rochester. Since my research interests are in human-computer interaction and online education, I was really excited when Anant Agarwal (edX President) and Rob Rubin (VP of Engineering) invited me to spend the past summer at edX as a visiting research scientist. Anant, Rob, and the rest of the edX leadership team...

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MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses for the uninitiated, have taken the education world by storm. As with any disruptive technology, there are bound to be some pitfalls along the way. How can instructors new to MOOCs successfully navigate teaching a MOOC? We’ve recently finished teaching BerkeleyX CS169.1x and CS169.2x, Software as a Service Parts I & II, on edX. Here are some tips from...

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