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Guest Post: Avery Haller, Davidson class of 2015 The DavidsonX MOOC research project starts with the simple question: “How, if at all, is the MOOC experiment impacting residential teaching and learning?” In response, we are undertaking a mixed method research study of two MOOC-infused residential courses during the fall semester of 2014. This case study is essentially a broad exploration intended to reveal future research questions about...

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Global Freshman Academy. Start your freshman year online. hashtag CollegeMyWay
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Guest Post: Josh Kim, Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) This post originally appeared on the Inside Higher Ed Technology and Learning blog on April 26, 2015. Comments on the IHE stories about the ASU/edX partnership appear to be running strongly to the critical. I’d like to make a start at enumerating our IHE community’s concerns, and to then offer some counterarguments....

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Guest Post: SchoolYourself This post original ran on the SchoolYourself blog on April 22, 2015. All the lessons of AlgebraX (one of our math MOOCs on edX) have now been posted. And the feedback from students has been incredible! We still have two more weeks of lessons to post for GeometryX, on surface area and transformations, and then that MOOC will be complete as well. As edX CEO Anant Agarwal...

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Moving the needle on MOOC learner demographics MOOCs have been faulted for missing an important mark by catering to learners who already possess college degrees. On edX 66% of learners already have degrees, while the reported percentage goes as high as 80% on other MOOC platforms. As a nonprofit, we continue to focus on our mission to increase access to education and made a commitment...

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Overall participation in HarvardX and MITx MOOCs remains substantial and average growth has been steady. This report explores how diverse audiences — including explorers, teachers-as-learners, and residential students — use MOOCs and provide opportunities to advance the principles on which HarvardX and MITx were founded: access, research, and residential education.​ This post originally ran on Education Week on April 1, 2015. Today, my colleagues and I from the HarvardX and MITx...

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Guest Post: Daniel Seaton, Cody Coleman, Jon Daries, Isaac Chuang Since the inception of MITx, discussion forums have provided subtle clues that teachers are enrolling in MOOCs. One of the first clues involved the inaugural run of 8.MReV: Mechanics ReView, whose course staff discovered a number of high school teachers eager to work through material while assisting motivated students in discussion forums. The 8.MReV staff...

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Can an online course really teach students as well as a traditional on-campus course? Many believe not – they feel that while Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are accessible, they are offer an inferior learning experience, lacking the richness of person-to-person interaction possible on a campus. We set out to assess this situation and learn more about online learning itself. Here at the Australian National University,...

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This post originally ran on Inside Higher Ed on December 3, 2014.  MOOCs are at an interesting phase in their evolution. With MOOC mania subsiding somewhat, the field is coalescing around aspirational goals to make MOOCs more engaging, interactive, personalized, and sustainable. Some thought leaders are calling it MOOC 2.0. Just as MOOC 1.0 research stimulated a healthy debate about the market for free online...

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Harnessing 130 million click stream events to make predictions A question of central importance to MOOCs that we are trying to answer with the help of big data and machine learning is: who is likely to drop out of a MOOC and why? Put another way, what predicts whether a student will make it to the final week of an edX course? (We call drop out “stopout” in all our...

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