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The Business of Mining Course Team, Curtin University

The Business of Mining MOOC isn’t just another online course– it’s your chance to immerse yourself in a simulated mine site and experience the “boom and bust” nature of the industry. You’ll get the chance to explore, map, plan, operate and close a major mining operation.

All the while, you’ll be guided by experts from the world’s mining capital– Australia.

The course material draws on a wealth of industry knowledge at Curtin University’s Western Australian School of Mines, which has been one of Australia’s premier mining education providers for more than a century.

As you might know, Australia’s reputation for excellence in the minerals and energy sector is internationally renowned. We’re the world’s largest exporter of coal, iron ore, lead, diamonds, rutile, zinc and zirconium, and the second-largest exporter of gold and uranium. We’re recognised for knowledge, innovation and expertise under some of the most harsh and isolated conditions in the world.

In short, if you want to learn about the business of mining, you’ve come to the right place.

In The Business of Mining, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Explore in search of new mineral deposits
Analyse geophysical surveys and geochemical data. You may strike gold, but are the market conditions in your favour?

Plan the logistics and lifecycle of your mine
Plan the infrastructure and workforce you’ll need, and don’t forget about waste management. Can you pay for all of this and still make a profit?

Extract and process gold
Process your ore and recover as much gold as you can. Sounds simple, until the gold price takes a tumble…

Close and rehabilitate your site
Nothing lasts forever, particularly in mining. How will you ensure you leave a safe, rehabilitated site?

On completion, you’ll understand the factors that influence the business of mining and the economic decisions that are made on a daily basis in the mining industry.

Whether you’re a high school student considering your career options, a contractor in the industry, or someone who’s simply curious about the mining industry, this MOOC is for you.

Enroll today and get ready to head down under when the course begins on July 1st!

Interested in learning more? You’re invited to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with The Business of Mining Professor Felix Chan on Wednesday, July 8th! Find more information here.

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