MicroMasters® Programs Win Reimagine Education’s Nurturing Employability Award Category

We’re pleased to announce that the MicroMasters® programs on edX won the Nurturing Employability Award Category at Friday’s QS Reimagine Education conference. Reimagine Education is an international competition rewarding innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability that culminates in a global conference for all those seeking to shape the future of education.

This year, over 1,150 educational innovators from all the world submitted their projects to the 17 Award Categories. EdX submitted the MicroMasters programs to the Nurturing Employability Award, which is awarded to the project that can most clearly demonstrate a link between their project’s approach and improved employability outcomes.

MicroMasters programs, a new category of Master’s-level online education, bridge the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace. First pioneered by MIT and launched by edX in 2016, MicroMasters programs are part of edX’s mission to expand access to high-quality, career-relevant education. With subjects ranging from AI to project management, MicroMasters programs are credit-backed programs offered by edX in connection with its esteemed university partners, valued by top companies and linked to specific career outcomes. In just over two years, edX has launched 51 MicroMasters programs from 30 global institutions.

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