Inside edX For Business: Meet Susan

Welcome back to edX Insider, our ongoing series where we bring you behind the scenes at edX HQ. We’re sitting down with Susan, Enterprise Product Marketing, to chat about edX For Business, the things that set edX apart, and more. 

Quick stats
Name: Susan Sherwin
Department: Enterprise Product Marketing

How does the Enterprise team relate to edX’s overall mission? 
Ultimately, learners are learners, whether they’re joining our community as part of an organization’s learning program or coming directly to as individuals. The vast majority of edX learners are looking for the highest-quality education, on their own terms and time, in order to achieve some kind of outcome like gaining a new skill to apply on their jobs; taking their careers to the next level; or pivoting into a totally new professional path. Enterprise learners are no different. They want to learn, advance and contribute — and they want to be and continue to be employable. Beyond this, we know that the talent crisis is taking its toll on companies. They’re having a hard time finding people with the right skill sets to fill critical roles. And this challenge is getting increasingly tough as automation and AI change the face of business. By working with the edX For Business team, companies are able to develop and retain their existing workforces while also acquiring the competencies they rely on, and doing so in a scalable way. 

What sets edX apart from other online learning platforms? 
There’s a lot we’re proud of here. But there are three things that really set edX For Business apart for our customers. One is the quality of our content. We enable organizations to train their workforces with courses and programs from leading institutions and subject matter experts from around the world — and at a fraction of the price. Imagine being able to give an employee learning from Harvard and MIT for only $100! Second, our nonprofit business model really resonates. We’re not trying to satisfy investors or going for an IPO. edX For Business customers only pay for what they use. And those investments go right back into our efforts to offer top-quality learning in skills critical to business; enhance the learner experience on our platform; and deliver valuable data insights to help companies measure and improve their learning programs. And third is our dedication to service. The edX mission to make education accessible and affordable extends to our enterprise customers — edX For Business has options for any organization, regardless of size, budget or technical capabilities. Plus, our Customer Success team partners with customers to create customized learning pathways and programs, support their internal launch efforts, and continually work together to improve and optimize the customer’s eLearning program to ensure they’re meeting their objectives.

Can you share anything about what the future holds for Enterprise? 
Growth! The response to the edX For Business offering has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re working with Fortune 1000 companies and other industry leaders. We have customers across every industry vertical. SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and nonprofits recognize edX For Business as an affordable, turnkey solution for their unique training needs and challenges. More and more customers are reaching out with success stories on corporate and learner transformation thanks to edX courses and programs. And we continue to expand our global presence. The year ahead will be one of significant growth as we invest in our platform, build our teams, develop new content and build the edX For Business community around the globe.

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