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Earlier this year, we shared news of our collaboration with McKinsey Academy on a new social learning platform.

Expanding upon our initial collaboration, McKinsey Academy has announced a special opportunity for a limited number of edX learners to participate in one of their courses.

If you are a registered edX student looking to advance your leadership and business skills, McKinsey Academy invites you to submit an application to be considered for participation in the next course in the McKinsey Management Program, Business Strategy. The target audience for this course is rising business professionals looking to build leadership and management capabilities.

McKinsey Academy is offering a limited number of places to qualified applicants who are interested in learning McKinsey’s Strategy Method and how to gain sustainable advantage in the market.

The McKinsey Academy team will review applications and select the most suitable participants for the course, which begins in June 2015.

Please visit the McKinsey Academy edX offer for more information and to apply. The fee for the course is $2,500 per learner and all applications must be received by May 15, 2015.

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