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Weston, Massachusetts“My edX course helped me get graduate credit in the school district where I teach.”Mary Liu teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology in a Boston suburb. She took PH207x (Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical and Public Health Research, from HarvardX, taught by Professors Earl Francis Cook and Marcello Pagano, fall 2012) and received a certificate of mastery after passing the course. But that wasn’t the end of her journey with edX. “I had a great idea: why not use the new knowledge I gained from taking this rigorous course to further my teaching career? So I petitioned the school district where I teach to approve PH207x for graduate credit.”Typically, for a course to be counted for a level change after receiving a Master’s degree,

it must be taught at the graduate level, offered for credit by an accredited university or college, and pre-approved by our assistant superintendent. Because this course wasn’t the typical graduate level course (i.e., learners do not receive a transcript with this credit information), Mary’s district requested more information.

“So I emailed edX President Anant Agarwal for help with explaining the course to my district. Even though I was one of tens of thousands of online students in PH207x, guess what? I got a personal response from edX. EdX confirmed that the course was indeed taught at the graduate level, that it is offered for credit typically and is graded. With this clarification, my district approved the course to be accepted for graduate credit.”

Mary’s journey with edX continues. She’s now taking 7.00x Introduction to Biology: The Secret of Life.

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