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Marketing, Physics and Economics. Courses Starting in 2016 from edX!

Learn about marketing’s role within an organization, Issac Newton’s three laws of motion, how to preserve our tropical ecosystems or how to apply calculus and economics to real world problems. As the year winds down and you look forward to celebrating the holidays with family and friends, we hope you will take some time to explore edX courses, especially those starting in the new year.  Start 2016 smart and enroll in a course today!

Introduction to Marketing – UBCx – January 5, 2016 – Self-Paced

This marketing course is for anyone interested in understanding the role and function of marketing within a business. You will learn key concepts, tools and strategies for maximizing profitability and reaching customer and company goals.

Tropical Coastal Ecosystems – UQx – Self- Paced

Build fundamental insights into the biology, ecology and management of tropical ecosystems. Hear from leading practitioners and develop a deeper understanding of how to measure, analyze and respond to the challenges these fascinating and important ecosystems face.

“Jane Eyre” by Bronte: BerkeleyX Book Club –  UC BerkeleyX – January 4, 2016

Follow the tale of Jane Eyre as you discuss and analyze this coming-of-age story. In this literature course, you will learn about the social impact of this novel including the criticism it received around its main themes of classism, sexuality, religion, and feminism.

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours – Harvardx – January 6, 2016

Learn how to analyze Greek literature and understand the meaning of a hero in Greek culture compared to today’s concept of heroism. This humanities course will expose you to some of the most beautiful works of ancient Greek literature and song-making.

Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives – IIMBx – January 6, 2016

This business and management course will focus on and discuss the sub-markets within the Indian healthcare sector including pharmaceutical markets, medical technology and hospitals.  Learn fundamental strategic lessons on how organizations deal with challenges within these markets and their effect on healthcare.

Advanced Introductory Classical Mechanics – MITx – January 7, 2016

Understand Isaac Newton’s laws of motion conceptually and with numerical precision. This physics course will show you a new approach to problem solving that will help you learn mechanics and carry forward to solving problems in other domains.

Principles of Economics with Calculus – Caltechx – January 5, 2016

Learn the models, methods and applications of economics. This business and management course provides a quantitative and an in-depth introduction to economics. You will learn how to model different types of market interactions and how to predict the outcomes they generate.

Effective Teaching Strategies for Biology  – Trinityx – January 5, 2016

Create learning outcomes, explore a variety of active learning strategies and craft assessments. This course will teach you how to create and measure a successful learning experience for biology students.