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Make the Most of your Summer with Courses Starting in July on edX!

Learn something new during the summer of edX!

The summer season not only brings us longer days and more sunshine, but gives us the opportunity to accomplish a goal. So, why not make it your goal to learn something new this summer with edX courses? From enhancing your English grammar skills to developing apps, our selection of July courses will not only help you gain new skills and knowledge, but give you a sense of accomplishment when you ask yourself, ‘what did I do with my time this summer?’

Find the course for you and start learning today!

World of Wine: From Grape to Glass – AdelaideX – July 7, 2016

Want to learn the art and science of winemaking? This chemistry course will teach you about the production of different colors, aromas, and flavors of wine.

Developing Intelligent Apps – Microsoft – July 11, 2016 (Self-Paced)

Want to turn your app idea into a reality? Learn to develop smart applications and bots in this computer science course from Microsoft.

What Now? Emerging Technologies and Their Practical Application in K12 Teaching and Learning – UTArlingtonX – July 11, 2016

Technology is evolving, and so should our methods of teaching and learning. In this teacher training course, you’ll learn how to effectively connect and engage students by integrating new technologies into the K-12 classroom.

Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making – MichiganX –  July 11, 2016 (Self-Paced)

Struggling to make difficult choices with your money? Through the examination of common real-world examples, this finance course will teach you to evaluate the costs and benefits of your financial decisions.

English Grammar and Style – UQx – July 25, 2016

Grammar can be glamorous. This writing course will give you the grounding you need to produce the coherent and compelling writing that is demanded by the 21st century digital world.

Vernacular Architecture of Asia: Tradition, Modernity and Cultural Sustainability – HKUx – July 26, 2016

In a world that’s becoming increasingly developed, it’s important to reconcile between tradition and modernity. In this architecture course, you’ll learn about the challenges and threats faced by vernacular architecture in the modern era.

Introduction to People Management – IIMBx – July 28, 2016

Want to get the most out of your people? Learn to build trust and nurture a family at work with this business management course.

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