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Marie-Claire Forgue, W3C HTML5 Course Team

“‘HTML5’ is the #1 job trend – the fastest growing keyword found in online job postings – ahead of ‘MongoDB’ in second place and ‘iOS’ in third place.” – Indeed.com, May 2015

Trend graph from indeed.com showing steep increase in percentage of matching job postings since January 2010.

HTML5, a resume must have in the tech world, is now offered by the experts at W3C on edX! W3C, whose ongoing mission is to make the Web better, aims to offer the highest quality training programs as a way to increase the skills of Web developers and empower them to become the next leaders and innovators on the Web.

W3C’s first MOOC on edX is Learn HTML from W3C. This exciting 6-week course starts on June 1, 2015 and has been built by Michel Buffa, who was the creator and instructor of the HTML5 Course on W3DevCampus. The interactive learning experience on edX will result in a dramatic increase in your knowledge of HTML5.

While you can take this course for free, opting for a Verified Certificate would provide a mark of distinction and the W3C Seal of Approval to add to your portfolio. In fact, on W3DevCampus where this course has been offered previously, learners who have earned Open Badges in addition to their completion certificate tell us these verified badges make significant difference as they enter the job market, seek career changes, or acquire new clients.

For this inaugural course on W3Cx, we are offering Verified Certificates at just $99 (a $129 value). As HTML5 is the number one job trend and the most highly searched keyword on top job sites such as Indeed.com, opting for a Verified Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile or resume is certainly a worthwhile investment.*

Sign up today for this exciting course!

*Source: Indeed.com

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