Magic and Marketing: Latin American Business Leader Uses BU’s OMBA to Take Next Steps

Before enrolling in Boston University’s Questrom School of Business Online MBA (OMBA), Andrea was already a highly accomplished marketer. At the age of 23, she was chosen by Jaguar Land Rover to build their marketing operations in Colombia from the ground up. Under her leadership, she grew sales by 120% and doubled market shares in the first year of direct operation and successfully led re-launches of both luxury brands. “It was a really interesting and challenging opportunity for me,” she says, “because at a young age I was in charge of a 360-degree marketing department. And obviously, to establish a whole company presence from zero, it was quite an experience.”

Today, Andrea is still at Jaguar Land Rover and did not want to leave her job to pursue an MBA. That’s why she chose Questrom Online MBA—for its rigorous curriculum and flexibility. 

Which Master’s degree program did you take and what were your goals in taking it?

Andrea is part of an inaugural class at the Boston University’s Questrom School of Business Online MBA program (OMBA) and feels welcomed in a class made up of 30% international students. Raised in a Mexican family, Andrea is eager to share her knowledge of business in Latin America with her classmates and hopes to learn just as much from them in return.

In addition to putting learning into practice at her current work, her goal in taking her online MBA is to launch a marketing and sales consultancy with her husband, an amateur magician, and skincare marketing manager for Unilever, who is also enrolled in Questrom’s Online MBA program. 

“Our goal is to combine marketing knowledge with the communicative power of magic to offer strategic management advice and business skills training for companies in Latin America,” she said. 

How do you plan to leverage your degree towards your career goals? What’s next for you?

“I want to use the MBA as an incubator to start creating an enterprise,” says Andrea. “And create all the strategic pillars of our company when my husband and I bring it to life in a few years.”

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