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10 New Courses from DelftX


Live from #FutureEDU, conference hosts, Delft University of Technology (DelftX) are excited to announce ten brand new courses, including their first XSeries.

Canals Delft Dutch engineers are world renowned for their expertise in the field of water. Not altogether surprising, considering a large part of the Netherlands is a delta and lies below sea level. The Water XSeries, offered by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft, covers climate and climate change and the effect on water systems and water resources. The Water XSeries also discusses both quantitative and qualitative aspects of water resources, and the importance of clean drinking water and proper sanitation on proper water resources management.

The first course in the XSeries, Introduction to Water and Climate starts on August 26, 2014, followed by Introduction to Drinking Water Treatment, and Introduction to the Treatment of Urban Sewage.

As promised, you can also now register for Next Generation Infrastructres, Part 2, the sequel to Next Generation Infrastructures. The course will continue to explore the challenges of building 21st century infrastructures and focus on the potential role and impact of smart grids, eco-cities, flexible infrastructures and ICT.

Explore all of the new courses from DelftX:

By Patrick Cavallario, Community Manager, edX

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