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Lifelong Learning and Career Advancement on edX: Meet Andreas

We recently talked with Andreas who completed the MicroMasters program in Managing Technology and Innovation from RWTH Aachen University on edX. Here’s what Andreas had to say about his experience earning his MicroMasters credential:

How did you first learn about edX?

I first read about edX in the MIT Technology Review magazine back in 2014. After hearing about it, I signed up. I’ve been an edX member since January 2015.

What were your goals in taking the MicroMasters program in Managing Technology & Innovation: How to Deal with Disruptive Change?

I’ve completed over 15 certifications on edX. The MicroMasters program is something different – it’s a program that runs for almost a year, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could succeed.

With this program I intend to increase my capabilities and thus my area of responsibility as I am working on change and transformation in the innovation and technology field.

How did the program help you?

It brought me up to date with the latest scientific status quo! I didn’t expect to learn so many new things. It also reminded me how to learn, since I haven’t taken any comparable courses of this size since finishing my MBA over 20 years ago. Doing the MicroMasters program reactivated a lot of brain cells.

What did you like most about learning online?

The freedom to decide what and when to study was liberating. Regular trainings in my professional life mean I have to travel and stay in a hotel. With edX, I can learn Saturday and Sundays mornings directly from home! The perfect situation for my Work-Learn-Life Balance.

Did your coursework result in any career or personal outcomes?

My work quality improved. I’m also a teacher at a local university, and it gave me new insights for my curriculum. On a personal level, edX reminded me about the fun to learn new things.

What advice would you give new edX students?

For professional first visitors: take two courses. One which is professionally relevant, and one that you find interesting. Experience how much you will learn within one week. Then pick courses providing you with information and capabilities that could help you with your career. Get a certification and share it on LinkedIn! EdX is the best lifelong learning support you can get for your money.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience with edX and how it has helped to advance your studies?

EdX is a great service that opens up a magical world of learning opportunities. I am grateful that someone came up with this idea, and that top universities are sharing their knowledge with the world.