Learner Story: Using edX Courses in a Homeschool Program

Beth Dickinson and her family live in Port St. Joe, Florida.

I am a parent of three mature homeschoolers who have been taking the first section of Eric Foner’s Civil War – Reconstruction course.

I just have to tell you that I have never seen a middle schooler and two high schoolers so engaged in an online course!

My sons really enjoy the instructor (so much so they often quote what he has said in a lesson), and I believe they will want to take all of his courses. While they are very interested in history, I have never seen them jump on a computer and get busy in their history class as they have in this course.

EdX is such an important experience for mature kids who aren’t getting the depth that they are seeking in various subjects through other resources — it’s wonderful to have access to your courses! Thank you, thank you!