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Rohan Kulkarni: My Journey to Become a Theoretical Physicist

Rohan Kulkarni  |  Thane, India

When I was in my 12th standard, I had some interest in Engineering, but was not interested enough to consider it as a career. I loved Physics and Mathematics, and wanted to take a path which incorporated both – but wasn’t engineering. Here in India, one is less aware of career possibilities beyond becoming a doctor or engineer.

When I discovered edX, I registered to receive the email newsletter – I was waiting for a course to catch my eye, and within days received an email about Astro 1X-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe. I enrolled with great enthusiasm and it was an amazing experience. It was like learning Relativity from Einstein himself! Professor Schmidt being a Noble Prize winner and Professor Francis being an amazing researcher and a teacher, I learned so many things. This course helped me discover my true passion, and so began my journey to become a Theoretical Physicist.

I passed the course and got a Verified Certificate. I was unstoppable after that! I’ve now earned Verified Certificates in the ANUx X-Series Courses: Astro 1X-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe, Astro 2X-Exoplanets, Astro 3X-The Violent Universe (my favourite), and Astro 4X-Cosmology. I’ve also taken Rice University Phys 201x- Waves and Optics, Caltech The Evolving Universe, and MITx Intro to Philosophy – God , Knowledge and Consciousness, and have audited many other courses. I’m looking forward to courses on Quantum Mechanics, Special Relativity and General Relativity! 🙂

I am now currently enrolled for a International Physics Studies Program at the University of Leipzig, Germany, which is a Bachelor in Physics for International Students.

EdX is one of the best things that has happened in my life. I am thankful to edX for helping me decide my career choice, and for the opportunity to study quality material from the best professors in the world.