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Incoming freshman Ahaan Rungta
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“在过去的11年里,我一直都在想来MIT读书!”刚刚就读MIT的16岁新生Ahaan Rungta这样说到。他3岁开始解数学难题,7岁玩起微积分题,13岁时以解量子力学题为乐。 他一直是在家接受教育的,从5岁起,他就开始使用MIT的OpenCourseWare (OCW) 开源课件来做题。之后,他加入到edX这个面向全球免费提供在线课程的平台中来。他学习了55门课程并且全部通过。“OCW远不止是一个学校,对我来说它就是天堂。”

Rohan Kulkarni
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Rohan Kulkarni  |  Thane, India When I was in my 12th standard, I had some interest in Engineering, but was not interested enough to consider it as a career. I loved Physics and Mathematics, and wanted to take a path which incorporated both – but wasn’t engineering. Here in India, one is less aware of career possibilities beyond becoming a doctor or engineer. When I...

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Learner Story George Zafiris(1)
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George Zafiris Age 20  |  Greece EdX changed my life, and now it’s a part of who I am. I’m so happy be among the 5,000,000 edX students worldwide. All the edX courses I’ve taken have taught me something new and useful that I can apply to advancing my career and studies. Each one provided me with an amazing “toolkit” – methodologies which improved my...

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This summer we celebrated a huge edX milestone: 5 million learners! We’re always curious to learn more about our students, so we reached out to lucky number 5,000,000 to get the scoop. Sara is taking How to Survive Your PhD to help her through her master’s program – pretty brilliant, if you ask us. Sara Magdy Age 23  |  Egypt I am excited to join...

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Ognjen Lezakov Age 21 | Novi Sad, Serbia I’m currently studying medicine in the University of Novi Sad. Although I took a course in human genetics, it was more about the fundamental genetics and some basic diseases but was more focused on inheritance. I took GeorgetownX’s Genomic Medicine Gets Personal. This course served both as a great review as well as a way to update...

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From Superman ®, Batman ®, Wonder Woman ®, and more, superheroes have been household names for generations. The comic books that tell their stories have become unforgettable parts of American popular culture as both young and old have fallen in love with these crusaders. In the past decade, superhero movies have dominated the big screen. In 2014 alone, these adaptations grossed nearly 1.5 billion dollars...

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