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The edX app. Take your course videos with you, wherever you go.
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Announcing the edX mobile app for iPhone and Android.

The edX app. Take your course videos with you, wherever you go.

We’ve been working to make it even easier and more convenient for you to take great courses from the best universities and institutions in the world.

With the edX mobile app you’ll have access to more than 200 fantastic courses that will expand your mind and advance your career. You can take a trip across the universe, while you’re waiting for the bus in the morning.

The edX mobile app gives you the flexibility to truly learn on your schedule. Stream course videos to watch when you have an Internet connection, or download and save videos to watch anytime, anywhere.

Now you never have an excuse to not be learning.

Download the edX mobile app today.

Download on the App Store   Get it on Google play

Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about the edX mobile app as we need features and capabilities.

If you love the app and the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, let us know in the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store. If you have any questions about the app or upcoming features please email mobile-support@edx.org.

Happy learning!

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