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Learn Computer Science. Try an Hour of Code on edX during CSEdWeek.

Learn to code and program in Java, Python, Scratch, C#, and more!

From December 7 – 13, edX will be celebrating Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code – join learners from around the world and try an Hour of Code, and then continue your computer science learning on edX. We’ve pulled together some great computer science courses to help you begin or enhance your computer science and programming skills.

Programming in Scratch – HarveyMuddX – Self- Paced

Learn the language of computers and how to communicate with them. This beginner computer science course will teach you how to create games, animations, simulations and more with the friendliest programming language, Scratch.

Introduction to Computer Science – HarvardX- Self-Paced

Learn about different programming languages, software engineering and web development. This blockbuster computer science course will introduce you to the world of computer science and teach you how to think through a programatic lens.

Introduction to Programming with Java Part 1: Starting to Code with Java – UC3Mx – Self-Paced

Programming helps you make efficient decisions in computer science and also helps you understand the world around you. Learn the basics of the java programming language, how to write good programs and how to deal with data structures. 

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python – MITx – January 13, 2016

Computation has changed the way people think about the world. This computer science course will teach you how to apply computation to real world problems, how to code in Python, and how to become a skilled programmer.

Introduction to Computer Programming, Part 1 – IITBombayX – Self-Paced

Gain a hands-on experience by writing several programs on your own, including in C++. This computer science course will teach you the basics of coding starting with algorithms.

Systematic Program Design – Part 1: The Core Method – UBCx – Self-Paced

Computers are everywhere in our lives and programs are the instructions that make them work. This course will teach you the ins and outs of building programs, including how to test, simplify, and enhance functionality.

Autonomous Mobile Robots – ETHx – Self-Paced

Learn about the basic concepts and algorithms required to develop mobile robots that act autonomously in complex environments.

Programming with C# – Microsoft – Self-Paced

This computer science course is for those looking to expand their C# programming knowledge. Learn basic to advanced features, including C# language fundaments and .NET framework concepts.

Introduction to MongoDB using the MEAN Stack – MongoDBx – Self-Paced

Build a shopping cart application using the MEAN stack toolkit. This computer science course will show you how to build a REST API, a desktop web client and a mobile app, using the Ionic framework.