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Electricity & Magnetism, Part 2 – RiceX – March 10, 2015
Did you know that every time you move your muscles, that movement is due to an electrical impulse? And that light is an electromagnetic wave, or that electricity and magnetism is the basis of other sciences like chemistry and biology? While this field is over 150 years old, there are many real world applications of electricity and magnetism today, as explored in this course!

Introduction to Psychology – TsinghuaX – March 10, 2015
What makes us happy? How do we remember things, and why do we forget? How are we motivated and why? This introductory psychology course will dive into some of the key topics within the field, from the basics to new frontiers of psychological research, dispelling misunderstandings and misconceptions held by society today.

Molecular Biology Part 1: DNA Replication and Repart – MITx – March 10, 2015
Do you feel like studying biology is just memorizing hundreds of protein names and functions? Would you rather explore how researchers deduce the details of molecular events? This is the course for you. Instead of simply memorizing facts or models, you will learn how scientists obtain the scientific information presented in textbooks.

JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change – HarvardX – March 10, 2015
This course aims to reclaim the deliberative process as a way of moving forward and governing ourselves. You will explore the stimulating, complex process of listening, learning, persuading and being persuaded by other, and gain a greater understand of the jury process and its place in democracy.

Cours préparatoire: Fonctions trigonométriques, logarithmiques et exponentielles – EPFLx – March 16, 2015
Learn the fundamentals of trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions in this nine chapter introductory course. From angles to harmonic oscillations, and continuity to exponential functions, this course offers a precise and detailed approach to the key concepts of the field. This course is taught in French.

The Fascinating World of Robots and Robotics – PekingX – March 16, 2015
How are robots part of our everyday life, and what will the role of robots be in the future? Robotic technology has gradually infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Through pictures and video demonstrations, learn about the rapid development and the future of robot technology. 

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