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Discover the thrill of learning how to code, understand the science behind election issues and voting, or become a more informed consumer about medicine. EdX has exciting new courses starting soon in a range in topics, from business to physics. Explore our courses and enroll today!

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles), Part 2 – UC BerkeleyX – October 26, 2015

This computer science course is intended for learners who have never programmed before. You will learn how to use Snap!, one of the friendliest programming languages, and create, design and translate ideas into code.

Take Your Medicine: How to Be a Savvy Consumer – UTAustinX – October 26, 2015

Drug development impacts us all with the medicine we take. This health and safety course is designed for non-scientists and aimed to help better inform consumers. Understand how pharmaceutical products are developed and the rigor and science behind the process.

Science at the Polls: Biology for Voters, Part 2 – UC BerkeleyX – October 29, 2015

Examine controversial issues in biological research and the science behind it to better inform yourself at the polls. Many of the political debates in this country, GMOs, health care, and obesity, stem from biology. In Part 2 of this biology and life science course, learn how your vote affects the biology in your everyday life.

Programming with C# – Microsoft – October 29, 2015

This computer science course is intended for existing programmers who want to learn more about the  C# language and the world of .NET programming. Learning C# will provide a solid foundation in object-oriented programming and equip you to learn other programming languages, opening doors to in-demand computer programming jobs.

English for Doing Business in Asia – Writing – HKUSTx – October 27, 2015

This business and management course will help you learn how to develop skills for effective communication in English when conducting business in China and other Asian countries.

The Great War and Modern Philosophy – KULeuvenX – October 27, 2015

This humanities course investigates the varied ways in which the first world war provoked philosophical reflection during and after the war. You will discuss and analyze text, documents, images, artworks and films and acquire historical knowledge and conceptual understanding surrounding the ways in which philosophy and the Great War intersected.

Making Biologic Medicines for Patients: The Principles of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing – MITx – October 27, 2015

Biologic medicines help millions of people worldwide overcome debilitating and even fatal diseases. In this biology and life sciences course, you will learn the steps required to make these important and life-saving drugs.

Useful Genetics, Part 2: Genes and Genetic Inheritance – UBCx – October 28, 2015

This biology course aims to teach everyday people helpful genetics, such as how genes are passed from parents to children and what you actually inherit from your ancestors.  You will leave this course with a solid understanding of genetics principles and how they apply to current issues in the world of genetics.

Force and Motion: Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Physics – BUx – October 27, 2015

This physics course is designed to help teachers how to teach physics from the basics to an advanced-level. Learn how to effectively teach topics, like energy and motion, and become a more knowledgeable and engaging teacher.

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