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Introduction to the Music Business – BerkleeX – April 20, 2015
This course explores how the music industry is acutally 10% music and 90% business. The cost of producing music is decreasing, while the consumption of music is increasing rapidly. Learn the important roles that managers, agents, promoters, and lawyers play in this industry and how the exclusive recording agreement may be the key to a successful career.

Framing: Learn How to Debate and Create Powerful Messages – DelftX – April 21, 2015
If you are passionate about your ideas, and you want to convince others, you need to understand the game of framing and reframing. Framing refers to the practice of using language that strengthens one position in the debate while weakening the opposing position. Learn to unveil the series of underlying patterns, and what strategies are used to play this game well.

Preparing for the AP* Environmental Science Exam – Part 4 – RiceX – April 21, 2015
Dive into many different topics including the living world, pollution, resources, and populations to prepare for the AP Environmental Science. This course is designed to help you succeed on your AP exam, covering crucial topics within the subject and also outlining the exam format and types of questions that you can expect.

How Stuff Moves, Part 3: Wave Motion – HarveyMuddX – April 22, 2015
Sharpen your problem solving skills, and gain an understanding of Newtonian mechanics in this calculus-based introductory course. Mechanics- the study of how things move- was the first science to predict behavior and has since become vital to solving many complex issues. This course will demonstrate how to apply math to a wide array of real-world problems today.

eHealth – Opportunities and Challenges – KIx – April 22, 2015
Today, it is easier to book a flight across the world than it is to book an appointment with your doctor. Have you ever wondered why the healthcare sector does not simply adopt IT solutions for other industries to become more efficient? This course introduces the unique challenges faced by the healthcare industry, and what factors must be considered and overcome to implement new technologies.

Introduction to Metrics for Smart Cities – IEEEx – April 23, 2015
Cities are the key to economic growth, innovation, social progress, culture, knowledge, and diversity. This course will help you understand the dimensions of sustainability in cities, and will uncover the idea of a “smart city.” You will learn the basic concept of a “smart city” and explore the key characteristics.

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