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Technology has created a global talent pool, changing the game for employers and employees alike.

An employee’s physical location is less and less likely to be a factor when hiring, as companies must seek out top talent from around the world to remain competitive. It’s not uncommon for a team to consist of people with diverse backgrounds located on separate continents. Employment trends also show that people are working longer; retirement at age 65 is no longer a standard. What this means for managers is that a team can often span generations, with employees who are in their 20s working side by side with employees who are in their 60s.

How can a manager of a global workforce understand and acknowledge cultural differences, generational differences, language barriers and local customs while creating a productive and successful work environment? What are the tools and best practices for managing the modern, diverse workforce? Dr. William Castellano, Professor of Strategic Human Resources at Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations, gets to the heart of these questions and many more in the new workforce management professional education course from Rutgers University and IEEE.

Professional Education, IEEEx MGT_MDW, Managing a Multigenerational and Diverse Workforce, Starting Soon, Starts: October 27, 2015Managing a Multigenerational and Diverse Workforce is a 3-week online course designed to teach business professionals the keys to engaging and leading teams that cross social and cultural barriers. Learn about how global population and labor force trends are creating new challenges for companies, and gain skills to help you overcome these challenges. Learn more and enroll online at edx.org.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is dedicated to advancing technology and innovation. It is the world’s largest technical professional society. Learn more about IEEE at www.ieee.org.

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