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Posted in: Learner Stories
Rockville, MD | USA | 17I am a high school junior living in Rockville Maryland. My family immigrated to the United States from Korea in 2009. Right now I’m taking two edX courses from MITx: Circuits & Electronics, and Electricity & Magnetism. The classes have not been easy, and they have very high expectations, but I think that is exactly what has made them such a valuable and worthwhile experience in my life.

After earning a 96% on the midterm exam in Electricity & Magnetism, I found myself energized. EdX has made me a passionate and efficient learner. I felt very proud of myself, and something inside me ticked, like a switch that gave me the confidence that I can achieve marvelous things when I put in effort. It also taught me to manage my time well.

I believe edX will not only help improve education in developing countries, but also has a significant place in improving American education. A lot of American high school students are limited in what classes they can take. As opposed to standardized school curricula, edX gives students infinite freedom of taking classes.

EdX has enriched my life. I have truly found my passion, and now I am determined to pursue my career as an electrical engineer after I go to college. Because of the fun and unpredictable aspects of the edX classes, I look forward to what is going to be in the next lecture, and what new things I will learn.

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