Kristi Jett

I am a retired MD and first learned about edX courses through my daughter. I have taken more than 7 courses so far with edX; your digital interface is much easier to use than others I’ve tried, and I love your format of lectures followed by short quizzes. When I put my iPad aside and come back to learn, it’s great being told what chapter I was in last.

Taking multiple courses for audit has been a fun way to keep my mind sharp. I’m taking the courses purely for self gratification but find them to be so stimulating that I am not afraid to share my new wealth of knowledge whether at the volunteer clinic, with friends, family, or party chatter. To date I have taken courses in Public HealthIndiaWater and SanitationGenomic medicineBeing a resilient person, etc. What a great community service especially for the older generation (who has the time and interest) to keep us up to date and engaged with society. Learning really is lifelong.