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I live in Peshawar, Pakistan. Here women in particular have to go by some different set of rules. Things are changing here rapidly but that change here will not be considered as descent or suitable for women if you go by it.

I got married at an early age – arranged marriage. I was doing my O-Levels from Islamabad, Pakistan. I was not able to give my final exams so just did my 9th grade. My husband spent most of his life in America, he told me about GED. Thank God he wasnt like those typical husbands who don’t let their wives study. In fact he is very supportive. I did my GED and was all set to apply for my collage but had to come back to Pakistan.

On my one year trip to America I really enjoyed my visits to MIT, Brown and Harvard. It became my dream to study here. But couldnt because had to come back. But then I came across edX. It was like a dream come true that I could learn from these top Universities and get knowledge from these wonderful teachers.

My first course was Justice by Michael Sandel and I love it, this course gave me many different directions that we can think on about a certain scenario. It broadened my prospective and gave me positive views that I can think on. I cant express my feeling how grateful I am. I might not be a big deal for some people but it has a great value for me in my life…

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