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Juliet Ampah

Ghana, West Africa | Age 32

I live in Ghana, West Africa. I hold a degree in Business Administration and first heard about edX from a search on Google. As an ambitious person, I am constantly looking for opportunities to upgrade myself and gain more knowledge for my future. I came from quite a difficult background and so it has always been my quest to give a helping hand to others in Ghana. However I realized the only way to get to the top in Ghana is through education.

I was feeling that my education was lacking, but I did not have money to pay university fees. I decided to look for free education on the Internet, first from a highly recognized institution, second from a course relevant to conditions in Ghana, and thirdly to enrich my knowledge. EdX was the only organization that had everything I wanted with just one click.

I found The Challenges of Global Poverty offered by MITx and signed up. This course has exposed me to my own life. Everything that has been taught in this course sounds like my life and the life of Ghanaians. I now understand why it is so hard to come out of the ‘Poverty Trap,’ and why I was so disadvantaged.

I hope that more edX courses will help me define and shape my interest in economics of developing countries. I hope to some day obtain an MBA. In the meantime, I have been motivated to help my country through my edX course on poverty. I had a deep thought during this course that still haunts me: if leaders in other countries can engineer triumph for their nations in times of extreme adversity, why can’t Ghana do the same? I thought so deeply that I wept bitterly and felt helpless. When I regained myself, my zeal had doubled.