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The Philippines

I am from the Republic of the Philippines. I live with my brother and his family. My father died when I was a high school sophomore. When I was little, my Papa would always tell me that KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION is important. He would always say that the world is such a beautiful place and that we must always cherish it. I believe that JUSTICE and EQUALITY should prevail all the time, that’s why it has always been my dream to become a Lawyer or a Prosecutor.

Poverty and inequality in the Philippines remains a challenge. I, myself, am one of the its victims. I grew up seeing how my parents struggled just to support our little family. After graduating from high school, I was unable to pursue college due to lack of financial resources so I started working as a computer assistant in a computer station to support my financial needs.

I was so happy when I accidentally learned about edX while I was reading a Japanese manga, and found the course ER22x JUSTICE by Harvard so I immediately signed up. Now, I have learned more about morality and how I can contribute in making the world a fair and judicious environment for everyone. I have learned more on making right decisions in every situation. I have learned how to become a better person with morality and concern about other people.

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